Children and Young People Support

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Children and Young People Support Services

Thriving Kirklees service for children, young people and families

Provide supports including 0-19 services
(health visiting and school nursing), child
and adolescent mental health services
(CAMHS), children’s emotional health and
wellbeing service (ChEWS), assessment
and diagnosis of autistic spectrum
conditions, parenting supports, healthy
start vitamins, home start (for families
with under 5s), safety at home and online
resources for parents and families.
Tel: 0300 304 5555
Web: online counselling and support service (part of Thriving Kirklees)

Confidential and anonymous service
for local 10-19 year olds to gain advice,
support and guidance from qualified
counsellors through their mobile,
tablet and desktop. Provide one-to-one
counselling, self-help materials, peer-topeer
moderated forums.

ChatHealth parents’/carers’ text messaging service

Provides advice and help for parents/
carers on health and well-being issues
relating to their children.
Tel: 07520 618867

Northorpe Hall emotional and mental wellbeing service

For people 0-18 years offering counselling, 1-1 support with mental health practitioners, sessions and workshops, as well as advice, information and support and access to online resources. Current workshop sessions for children and young people include returning to school, managing worry, managing anxiety, low mood, self-harm information, building resilience and managing emotions. The service also supports adults who care for children and young person who have emotional and mental health difficulties.
Tel: 0300 304 555
Web: /

ChatHealth young people’s text messaging service (part of Thriving Kirklees)

Offered by Thriving Kirklees for local
11–19 year olds providing advice from
nurses on subjects including sexual
health, emotional health and wellbeing,
bullying, healthy eating and any general
health concerns. All text messages will
be responded to within one working day.
Tel: 07520 618866

Kirklees Local Offer

Provides information about the support
and services that children and young
people aged 0-25 years, who have special
educational needs and disabilities, and
their families can get in one place.

Kirklees Children’s Centres

Offer parents, children and young people support to help them learn and develop, including on parenting advice and guidance, managing children’s behaviour, advice on child learning and development, as well as one to one
Tel: 01484 456823

Education and childcare enquiry service

Help arrange childcare support that meets the needs of parents, carers and children when people struggle to find suitable arrangements.
Tel: 01484 456823

Kirklees Uniform Exchange

FREE school uniform requests can be
made through your local children’s
centre, Yorkshire Children’s Centre at
Brian Jackson House, school office or by
completing the downloadable form
and emailing it to